Roger Gracie master of Escapes…

Master of Escapes Roger Gracie is known for his dominating game of jiu jitsu.

Roger Gracie is by far the most dominate jiu jitsu player in the game to have ever lived.

 Most people find it very difficult to defeat or let alone sweep him. Due to Roger Gracie s patience and mindset he defeats most people with the basic principles and techniques of jiu jitsu.

Master of Escapes Roger Gracie adapted his jiu jitsu perfectly for his body and his mind. Of course he makes his mistakes and winds up getting caught in bad positions. Staying calm and patient he uses his body to create angles and waits for his opponents to make a crucial mistake.

Master of Escapes Roger Gracie has not been submitted in competition since he was a blue belt. This an impressive feat for a black belt, considering he has competed at the highest level of jiu jitsu since ’03. Fighting big names such as Jacare, Xande Ribeiro, Saulo Ribeiro, Rafael Lovato Jr., Margarida, Pe de Pano, and Marcelo Garcia.

In the video Roger Gracie Master of Escapes, he overcomes dangerous situations. Those involved are Ron “H20” Waterman, Xande Ribeiro, Marcelo Garcia, and Jacare.

Master of Escapes Roger Gracie jiu jitsu overcomes a couple triangle positions, a couple of takedowns, and a sweep in which he is put into side control immediately. Staying patient and using excellent timing he turns bad positions into good positions in which he is able to submit his opponents.

Truly Master of Escapes Roger Gracie uses his jiu jitsu damn near flawlessly.