To get to any belt color other than white, is a process of dedication to the art of ju jitsu.

It seems the more dedication to practice that a person has the better they are at ju jitsu in Oklahoma.

Rafael Lovato Jr. started his dedicating his life to ju jitsu around the age of 15. Although, he has been dedicated to martial arts his entire life. Under the influence of his father Rafael Lovato Sr. Going from the jeet de kung concepts, to boxing, to ju jitsu, to wrestling, to judo, to muay thai.

Rafael Lovato Jr. is very well versed in all aspects of martial arts. This is why his academy is one of the elite academy in the South. And the most prominent academy in the state of Oklahoma.

Justin Rader began his dedication to martial arts around the age 4 beginning with wrestling. His incredible dedication has led him to be a world champion along with his coach Rafael Lovato Jr. Although these two are much different in stature and style of games.

Their hard work and dedication has led them among the elite. A rare thing to encounter in one academy in any form of martial arts.

His dedication led him around the world to teach and practice what he loves to do. The same goes for pretty much all high-level ju jitsu players.

Showing a common theme of dedication to practice do what they love.

Everyone has the ability to but not everyone has the dedication to practice.