Jon Jones domination…

At UFC 128 the ultimate test was put against a talented young up and comer. Possessing a long lanky frame, explosive, creative, strong and confident. Of course we are talking about Jon Jones domination over former Pride Grand Prix Champion and UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Mauricio Shogun Rua. Jon Bones Jones was considered the 2:1 favorite over the champion, so the “upset” was not too shocking to the world. The manner in which Jones absolutely instilled domination over Shogun is what is shocking.

Complete domination from the muay thai aspect, boxing, wrestling, jiu jitsu, everything Jones did was superior than Shogun.

Many thought this would surely prove the heart of Jon Bones Jones, to test his will and show that he can overcome bad positions. However, there was not even a moment in the fight, or any fight for that matter, were Bones looked dazed and confused, hesitant, or even a second were he was not in control of the fight.

Complete domination.

Only being 23 years of age, Jon Bones Jones has no less on his plate than any other man in this world. 2 kids, a girl-friend who pretty much is his wife, and a UFC title. Jon Bones Jones has to display domination to progress his family in this world. Looking to God, or in other words his faith in Jesus Christ, is Jon Bones Jones’ biggest weapon. Next in line would be his creativity/ unorthodox fighting behavior. Jokingly, I told my brotherĀ  “It is almost as if God is controlling him”, which led to believe later on. Technically, if he puts his mind in a place where Jesus is the only one who can access then yea, he is. Jon Bones Jones is a Christian and has faith in Jesus Christ. A true Christian asks Jesus into their heart. Therefore, having faith in Jesus also means having faith in yourself. Preaching about Jesus. However young or old or whatever there is little question in my mind who the #1 p4p best fighter is right now in MMA. After showing a domination unlike any other Shogun has been presented with. And Shogun has fought some b.a.m.f. in his day. Not only the p4p best fighter, I would like to leave a question to close up – in the history of MMA which fighter could have beaten Jon Bones Jones last night? G.O.A.T?