Marcelo Garcia training…

Marcelo Garcia has to be without a doubt one of my top 3 favorite grapplers of all time.

I am built fairly similar to Marcelo Garcia so I utilize alot of the same things he does and when you base yourself off of someone else its easy for them to become one of your favorites as they are your standard.

Marcelo Garcia has won pretty much every elite title in the world of brazilian jiu jitsu and submission grappling many times over, from the World Championships to ADCC…. he’s won it all.

One of the things that makes Marcelo Garcia special is his ability to beat much larger opponents consistantly. He is only a middleweight but he always enters the absolute divisions of pretty much every grappling event he takes part in. He has beat the who’s who of heavyweights. Marcelo Garcia is truley something special to watch.

The X-Guard is a position made famous by Marcelo Garcia and he started sweeping everyone with it. The X-Guard was pretty unorthadox at the time Marcelo Garcia started using it, but now anyone in the game is familiar with Marcelo’s X-Guard as it has become more and more common with the new generation of jiu jitsu players due to it being such a strong position.

This has led to new developments from Marcelo Garcia and new evolutions of the position…

 Today Marcelo Garcia has been using what he calls the 1 legged X-Guard and what some others refer to as “the anaconda guard”. I personally love this position and have been honing and fine tuning it here at the Lovato’s camp in OKC. My instructor Rafael Lovato Jr. has such great insight into all positions in the game of brazilian jiu jitsu and has worked with me to develop a deadly 1 legged X-Guard game.

Everyone has special physical attributes that make certain styles of jiu jitsu more applicable to them. Maybe your tall like Roger Gracie or Rafael Lovato Jr. and so you will work on your closed guard and have a sick spider guard. Maybe your more medium in your build and get a sick de la riva and open or half guard like Rafael Mendes or Lucas Leite. Perhaps your shorter limbed like myself and Marcelo Garcia and develop  a good half guard or X-Guard. Even if your more round and husky there are guys out there like Luiz Big Mac and Gabriel Vella to watch. That is one of the beauties of Jiu Jitsu, there is something for everybody whether you think you are physically gifted or not, athletic or not.

If you want to develop an awesome Jiu Jitsu game and have the help of a World Champion to mold you and the style that is perfect for you then you need to come to Lovato’s School of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and take advantage of the 30 Day Free Trial that is always going on for new students to take advantage of. 1 full month of training for free is always a cool thing and you can be on your way to having a killer jiu jitsu game like Marcelo Garcia.