Omoplata App: Best App money can Buy

Rafael Lovato Jr. , whose omoplata is feared amongst his competitors.

Jr. is releasing his Omoplata App available for nearly all “smart” phones!

Having a passion for martial arts, Lovato decided to share his knowledge, with the world, on this specific technique. Some might be thinking okay the omoplata, how extensive can that be? Especially with a smart phone app.

Well, to those skeptics, there is so much information the omoplata application is coming in a 3 part series!

Going from setups, combination, and transitions. To get more information about this app become a fan of Rafael Lovato Jr.

Click the link for the commercial…The Rafael Lovato Jr. Omoplata App.

Lovato Jr has said that after the omoplata material is complete he is going to be putting it on a DVD/Blu-Ray instructional with BONUS technique footage!

Do not miss out on an opportunity like this to transform your game without being in the gym, with this omoplata app.