In some breaking news the UFC has acquired Strikeforce.

UFC now has seriously become a big-time organization of the United States. Putting themselves amongst other organizations such as NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, NCAA.

The UFC has not only swallowed up all the major United States competition MMA organizations, besides perhaps Bellator.

Although, Bellator is more of a farm league the UFC can pick from because any one in Bellator who receives an offer from the UFC will most likely become apart of the UFC at the drop of a hat.

Already this year the Ultimate Fighting Championships, UFC, has taken over the World Extreme Cagefighting league, WEC.

Now owning the Strikeforce name I hope it will not be long for the fighters to integrate and become a more intregal part of the UFC.

Strikeforce champions are currently: Gilbert Melendez, Nick Diaz, Ronaldo “Jacare”┬áSouza┬áDan Henderson, and Alistair Overeem. The UFC roster adding these elite fighters will make for some exciting fights and possibly the old and beat up Fedor Emeliankeno will finally be in the Octagon.

However, on a personal note this acquistition upset me. The UFC does its own thing and I like it, Strikeforce did its own thing and I liked it.

Now, the UFC is taking up all the good fighters in Strikeforce and putting them under one banner.

Sure this will make for some good match ups in the UFC but it could ruin the greatness of MMA.

Hopefully, the Strikeforce fighters come into the octagon and make some serious noise in the UFC.