Acceleration Jiu Jitsu..


Acceleration is proportional to the force causing it

A sprinter can increase acceleration by increasing the force that he/she applies backward and downward against the surface on which he/she is running” and, if he/she should double the force, then acceleration would double and, similarly, if he/she should keep the force constant and reduce mass, he/she would increase acceleration.

Maximum acceleration and efficiency of motion

To achieve maximum acc., all available forces should be applied sequentially with proper timing and as directly as possible in the intended line of motion.

Effects of body’s radius on angular velocity

The rate of rotation is increased as the radius of rotation is decreased (e.g., tuck head and bend knees; a shorter person will have a higher rate of rotation).

Conservation of momentum in swinging movements

To build or to conserve momentum in any swinging movement, the radius of rotation should be shortened on the upswing and lengthened on the downswing.

Movements while unsupported

When the body is unsupported, movements may occur to aid in controlling balance, but the flight path (trajectory angle) will be unaffected by the movements.

Twisting movements

Are based on the transfer of momentum from part to whole, when in contact with a surface (have to initiate the twist in some way at take off).

Understanding acceleration will boost your explosiveness in jiu jitsu