Keeping a Martial Arts Journal

So, unlike in school, these are notes you are wanting to take.  These notes are for the betterment of your martial arts career and you are going to rely only on your sense of memory?  When attending any martial arts class: brazilian jiu jitsu, submission grappling, mixed martial arts, boxing or muay thai, you should always take with you your personal martial arts journal so that you can document the details of each move. The nice thing about a journal is that you can even draw (yes, stick figures count as well) certain positions.  You do not have to write down every move after every time your instructor shows you, but when you are finished drilling, before you leave or get focused on something else, make sure that you document the fine details so that you can come back at a later date and read those details so improve your technique.

A Journal will improve your martial arts

While repetition of moves is very important for your body to develop the memory it needs to be able to act on every position, so is the repetition of reading and hearing how the move is supposed to be performed.  This process will also help you track your progress in your martial art because you can come back a few years down the road and read what you wrote down in your journal.  You will be able to see vast differences and you might even remind yourself of a certain position or move that you had forgotten about.