Motion and Jiu Jitsu…

Looking at the correlation of motion and jiu jitsu by examining the PRINCIPLES RELATED TO THE LAW OF INERTIA

Combining translatory and rotary motion

The combined motions, if performed correctly with proper timing and sequence, will produce maximum final velocity of ‘an object’ in the desired direction of release (e.g., discus toss, bike riding, car, wheelchair).

Continuity of motion

The accomplishment of the first motion represents the overcoming of a certain amount of inertia and, therefore, any hesitation prior to the next motion will result in loss of some or all of the advantage gained by the previous motion” (e.g., backward roll, pole vaulting).  Interruption of motion costs energy.

Effects of momentum
More momentum can be produced with a longer implement in that the end will move faster than a shorter implement” (e.g., don’t choke up on a tennis racket or baseball bat).

Transfer of momentum
Momentum develop in a body segment may be transferred to the total body, but only while the body is in contact with the supporting surface (e.g., earth, diving board).

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Motion and jiu jitsu are extremely similar.

By jiu jitsu being the movement of your body it is easy to see how these two correlate.

IF we study the basic principles of our body we can better use our natural motion in jiu jitsu