2011 ADCC FT Masters Matches Royler vs bravo2011 ADCC will feature two Masters Matches

This year’s ADCC will feature many great bouts including superfights.  The main superfight will be Braulio Estima against the former world champion turned mixed martial artist Ronaldo “Jacare” de Souza.  This is an intriguing match up as Jacare hasn’t competed in a submission grappling tournament in a few years due to his concentration on his MMA career.  However, I doubt that the skilled hunter will come into the match un-prepared.  If he does, Braulio will be looking to capitalize on the moment and take home the cash and pride that comes along with the ADCC Superfight title.  In addition to this main bout, ADCC has thrown in two confirmed Masters Matches.  The first of the masters matches will be between two giants of the sport with Mario Sperry and Renzo Gracie.  This is an interesting match up.  Mario is quite a bit bigger than Renzo.  We will be able to see if the “King of ADCC” will be able to over come “The Zen Machine”.

The one we want to see – Masters Matches

The match up we have all wanted to see since 2003 is a rematch from that year’s ADCC.  In 2003 a little known player named Eddie Bravo went in against the well known Royler.  While being dominated for most of the match, Bravo was able to sneak in a triangle that would change his life forever. To everyone’s surprize, Bravo was able to submit the Gracie representative and former World Champion with the choke.  Out of these masters matches, this one has been called for, for years.  Bravo has pretty much made his name off of this match as he hasn’t competed much since and many in the bjj world have wanted to see how a rematch will end. Soon, we’ll have the answer from these masters matches.

2011 Masters Matches make the tournament even more exciting!