Bellator 43: Hawn vs Hieron Bellator 43: Hawn vs Hieron

Bellator 43: Hawn vs. Hieron

Olympic Judoka Rick Hawn recently faced UFC Veteran Jay “Thoroughbred” Hieron in the finals of the welterweight tournament in Bellator 43.  Rick Hawn is probably most known in the mixed martial arts community for his devastating seio nage to ground and pound win over Levon Maynard in Bellator 33.

Jay Hieron has been in the fight game for quite some time.  He spent some time in the now defunct International Fight League (IFL) and before that had a few fights in the Ultimate Fighting Championship before signing with Bellator.  Hieron came into the tournament when another competitor was injured and was unable to perform. In his first bout of the tournament he ended the fight quickly with a guillotine choke.  His next fight he won via controversial unanimous decision.

Bellator 43 Judges Decision

In the eyes of many, the decision in Bellator’s welterweight finals was also a very controversial one.  One judge gave the fight to Judoka Rick Hawn (29-28) while the other  two gave the fight to Hieron.  Many fans who were watching as well as other fighters have protested the decision saying that while Hieron may have one the first round with more strikes landing, he ran the final two rounds while Hawn pressed the action and seemed to have control of the fight. Never one to complain, Hawn quickly let everyone know that he was upset with the decision, but not upset with the judges.  He was frustrated at himself for leaving it in their hands and not taking out Hieron.

We’ll see Rick Hawn back in Bellator (or another organization) soon!