Mauricio Veio is back at Lovato’s Martial Arts Academy to teach Muay Thai…

One of the top most elite muay thai kickboxing fighters and coaches in the martial arts World will be back at Lovato’s School of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA this month. Lovato’s would like to welcome Mauricio Veio to thier Oklahoma City headquaters.

Mauricio is a balck belt muay thai kickboxing fighter from the most famous muay thai and mma academy in Brazil, Chute Boxe Academy.

Chute Boxe was home to many of the Worlds most elite muay thai kickboxing fighters in the World such as Wanderlei Silva, Anderson Silva, Mauricio Shogun Rua, Mauricio’s brother and k-1 kickboxer, Andre Dida. To have a blackbelt from Chute Boxe really means you are at the highest most elite level of striking. Luckily for Team Lovato we get access to Mauricio many times a year.

Mauricio will be visiting Lovato’s for 2 reasons. First off is to teach classes to take Lovato’s students muay thai kickboxing to the highest level and second is to prepare Team Lovato student, James Head for his UFC debut on June 10th. Mauricio has been working with James on his muay thai for about a year now and James has seen huge jumps in his kickboxing  thanks to Mauricio. James will do some serious damage in his UFC debut without a doubt.

If you live in Oklahoma and would like to train bjj and muay thai kickboxing with the Worlds most elite fighters and UFC fighters then come into Lovato’s School of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA today and take advantage of the 30 Day Free Trial.

Lovato’s would like to welcome Mauricio Veio back and is excited to learn some new muay thai techniques from one of the greatest around.