Jason Mayhem Miller leaves Strikeforce, now in the UFC…

One of the kookiest personalities in the MMA World, Jason Mayhem Miller has left his old home of Strikeforce and is now a part of the UFC as of a day ago. It has been years since we have seem Mayhem in the UFC when he last faced off against GSP.

Mayhem Miller is not only a professional mixed martial arts fighter but also the host of the MTV Bully Beatdown show, in which bullies get paid to fight professional mixed martial arts fighters and see what its like to recieve a beatdown at the hands of someone alot better at fighting than they are.

Mayhem Miller even gives credit to being bullied in his own life which led him to become a mixed martial arts fighter. Alot of us have had past expirences with a bully and know the power it has in motivating you to become your best and to learn martial arts.

The UFC is the ultimate proving ground for fighters and you have to train all you can to keep from having the other man bully you inside the octagon, a lesson Mayhem Miller knows well after his fight with GSP. I can’t wait to see what lessons he took from that fight years ago and how that has affected the outcome of the fighter he is today.

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Alright Mayhem Miller, its time to prove yourself yet again.