Do you remember this classic blackbelt jiu jitsu match…

This is one of the greatest and most inspirational matches the brazilian jiu jitsu community has ever seen.

Fought between 2 of the best current blackbelt heavyweight fighters in the bjj game, Rafael Lovato Jr and Roberto ” Tussa ” Alencar. This match took place at the IBJJF 2008 Pan Ams of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Irvine California. This match is a true testament to what you can do when you simply refuse to give up.

To become a true champion you need to have that part of you that will never give up no matter how bad you ae losing, no matter how bad your hurting, no matter how tired you are. Its all about HEART! Train not only the body, train the mind, train the heart. That is how one becomes the most fierce warrior, many can have great technical skill on the mat or in the cage, but few have the warriors heart to match when things get as dire as can possibly be. Reguardless of if brazilian jiu jitsu is your game or if you compete in mixed martial arts, work to cultivate the warriors mind.

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Lovato vs Tussa

Watch this incredible jiu jitsu match and see how it makes you feel