Roger Gracie vs Fernando ” Terere ” Augusto is one of the great Brazilian Jiu Jitsu matches of all times.

In this brazilian jiu jitsu match Terere, after performing an explosive takedown, passes roger gracie’s guard in an unusual fashion. The butt-flop pass.

Demonstrated in the brazilian jiu jitsu video; Terere is only able to perform the butt-flop by having Roger’s leg trapped between his.

Without hesitation Terere crossfaces Roger Gracie; while simultaneously gripping and creating downward force on the inside of the far leg. Once this position is established Terere is now able to spring off of his toes – moving his outside leg in a large circular motion over and above the legs and hips of the opponent.


By doing this move the opponent is immediately placed in a bad position forcing him or her to respond only with defense.

In this video Roger turns into Fernando Augusto exposing his back, in which he ends up in a precarious position. Gracie shows his impressive brazilian jiu jitsu defense and patiently escapes the onslaught of a multiple time world champion.

After the takedown to butt-flop to near-submission Terere is no match for the pressure of Roger Gracie. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Excellent brazilian jiu jitsu match up between two legends of grappling