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Oklahoma weather is crazy, one week it could be the most beautiful day imaginable birds chirping, dogs barking, its beautiful. Next day unbearable cold the next day a tornado. Absolutely nuts, lucky in Oklahoma jiu jitsu, offering a 30 day free trial at Lovato’s Martial Arts Academy can still be practiced regardless of the weather […]

To get to any belt color other than white, is a process of dedication to the art of ju jitsu. It seems the more dedication to practice that a person has the better they are at ju jitsu in Oklahoma. Rafael Lovato Jr. started dedicating his life to ju jitsu around the age of 15. […]

Injuries can plague a person throughout their career. For example, Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford has missed more than half of his games in the NFL so far in his career. Although, for whatever reason injuries happen one way or another, and to avoid more serious injuries a true sign of an athlete is to […]

Ribeiro jiujitsu took the tournament over by storm falling 1 point short of 3rd place, in the No Gi Worlds results for teams. Overall, as a team Ribeiro jiu jitsu had over 9 medals won at No Gi worlds 2010. Here is the full list of No-Gi Worlds results

Many people know of Dan Gable the wrestler, few know him as the inspirational talker. Some of Dan Gable quotes most popular quotes are as follows: ““Gold medals aren’t really made of gold. They’re made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts.” – favorite Gable quotes “Once you’ve wrestled everything else in life […]

In Oklahoma wrestling is a big deal, if you ask any coach who their favorite wrestler was when they were growing up at least 9/10 will say “Dan Gable”.  Like Oklahoma Wrestling NCAA champion John Smith. Dan Gable grew up in Iowa, a state known for its tough “farm-boy” wrestling. Coach Gable won 3 high […]

Team Lovato Documentary

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This past No-Gi Worlds there was some history that was made, specifically from the small martial arts academy in Oklahoma. Here a short documentary starting from the grueling training camp to the Black Belt finals. Featuring two of the champs Rafael Lovato Jr and Justin Radar. A total of 9 medals were won. Check out […]

Lovato Jr : Ground and Pound Nominee

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The 6th annual “Ground and Pound Awards” from “Ground and Pound” has nominated Rafael Lovato Jr for Grappler of the Year. These awards also include nominations of “Best Fighter of the Year”, “Best Boxer of the Year”, “Cult Fighter of the Year” and others.  Congratulations to Rafael for this nomination. Be sure to vote!


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At Lovato’s Martial Arts Academy Oklahoma we are constantly advised to always evolve as a jiu-jitsu practitioner and as a person. The more time spent on the mats the better a person’s understanding of how to use leverage and their own bio-mechanics. To separate yourself an individual must not only  train, train and train some […]

The Reem

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Alistair Overeem on New Year’s Eve fought former UFC heavyweight competitor Todd Duffee, for the Dream Heavyweight Championship. Duffee who had only one loss and coming from a phantom punch after he dealt a solid ass whoopin’ for 2 1/2 rounds. Overeem, recently crowned K-1 champion, in a short but awesome way displayed his powerful […]