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Rafael Mendes Interview.. The current champion of the ADCC under-66kg division and owner of the world featherweight title in Jiu-Jitsu, Rafael Mendes doesn’t want to hear about anyone usurping his throne. To this end, the Ramon Lemos-produced fighter has been hard at it in training, left his gi in the closet, and been pumping iron […]

Justin Rader on BJJ Heroes! Justin Rader Assistant instructor and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor from Lovato’s School of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA, Justin Rader, now has his own entry on BJJ Heroes! BJJ Heroes is one of the most popular resources for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu information on fighters, news and tips. It has become a […]

Team Lovato BJJ quote of the week… To Live your life without inspirational quotes is to live without a spirit. Motivational quotes are very important for us just like the need to breath air. Inspiration and motivation are the energies that keeps us focused and happy. Here you will find all the inspiration and motivation you need to […]

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments coming up for Team Lovato… We are coming up on some great brazilian jiu jitsu tournaments that will have members of Team Lovato BJJ participating in, if you would like to join in and get some extra competition experience it is a great time to do so. The 30th of July in […]

Justin Rader recieves his ADCC submission wrestling invite… After an emotional period of uncertainty while awaiting his ADCC invite, Justin Rader has recieved the official invitation to the Worlds most elite submission wrestling tournament. The Abu Dhabi Combat Club, better known as ADCC holds the World Championships of Submission Wrestling tournament once every 2 years and to […]

Johnson vs Torres Judge Decision To judge a fight is a thankless task. Get it right and no one pays a blind bit of notice, but get it wrong and all sorts of people will be calling for your head. On first watch of the Miguel Torres vs Demetrious Johnson fight I had scored the […]

Ryan Hall defeats Diego Sanchez at UFC expo… Ryan Halls, ADCC veteran defeated UFC fighter Diego Sanchez in a no gi submission grappling match at the UFC expo for UFC 129 held by Grapplers Quest. It was a 4 man four-man tournament, Hall submitted Jorge Britto. Sanchez scored a submission victory over Andrew McInnes while […]

Marcelo Garcia training… Marcelo Garcia has to be without a doubt one of my top 3 favorite grapplers of all time. I am built fairly similar to Marcelo Garcia so I utilize alot of the same things he does and when you base yourself off of someone else its easy for them to become one […]

Xande Ribeiro in Oklahoma… Two Time Absolute Jiu Jitsu World Champion and Four Time Heavy Weight Champion Xande Ribeiro is teaching classes at Lovato’s School of Martial Arts for the next two weeks. In addition to the multiple world titles, Xande has also earned two Abu Dhabi Combat Club or ADCC titles. Xande is the […]