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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu The Atos ADCC 2011 training camp in São José dos Campos, São Paulo state, was graced with an illustrious visitor. Kyra Gracie, another competitor to vie for top spot at the late September grappling tournament in Nottingham, showed up in São Paulo and spent a week training with Rafael and Guilherme Mendes and […]

2011 Abu Dhabi World Pro… This year at the 2011 Abu Dhabi World Pro gi division, there was many wars and many unexpected outcomes as to who the champions would be. Especially concerning the -65 kilo division. Well for the home town Oklahoma hero Rafael Lovato Jr. received a bogus defeat over Nova Uniao representative […]

Mendes Bros jiu jitsu… Rafa and Gui better known as Mendes Bros are multiple time brazilian jiu jitsu world champions. Winning the world championships at blue belt, purple belt, brown belt, and also at the top of the food chain black belt. It is clear the Mendes Bos. are doing something correct in the way […]