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If you think Brazilian jiu jitsu is all about leverage…AND…that you shouldn’t use strength, then you are missing out on a HUGE invisible element of BJJ. Here’s the story… Way back in the day, the geeky scientist Archimedes said, “Give me a lever long enough and I can move the earth.” And then a few […]

Leverage in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Mechanical leverage is a simple concept in elementary physics that is applied in an automobile in different ways. It simply refers to the amplification of force. The name is derived from the simple machine known as lever. It can be in any form but in principle it is comprised of […]

Pendulum swing  When on the apparatus we can develop angular momentum in a fashion similar to the “tripping effect.”  The major difference is that instead of a horizontal force initiating movement, a vertical force is responsible.  That vertical force is gravity.  It acts the same on all bodies regardless of size or weight.  By virtue […]

Principles of Motion and jiu jitsu Principle – Combining translatory (linear) and rotary motion. Effective execution of a successful performance combines translatory and rotary motions. Application. Since the serve involves synchronized motion of body levers, rotary motion is the most essential of the two motions.  The shift of weight from the back foot to the […]

SELF-PRODUCED AND OTHER Muscle FORCES Correct muscle selection The performer must select the muscle that are most effective for the task at hand. Stability and the loss of effective force A spotter must be stable before he/she can prevent a loss of force to the performer. Effect of the angle of application on the force […]

Counter Force is an important concept in all martial arts such as jiu jitsu, boxing, and muay thai. PRINCIPLES RELATED TO THE LAW OF COUNTERFORCE Surface variation and the amount of counterforce The counter force is equal to the applied force when a stable surface is used. The less stable the surface, the less will […]

Acceleration Jiu Jitsu.. PRINCIPLES RELATED TO THE LAW OF ACCELERATION Acceleration is proportional to the force causing it A sprinter can increase acceleration by increasing the force that he/she applies backward and downward against the surface on which he/she is running” and, if he/she should double the force, then acceleration would double and, similarly, if […]