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UFC 129 Primetime… Georges St. Pierre and Jake Shields are gearing up for the fight this Saturday as their preparations and training camps are coming to close. Focusing on maintaining positive thoughts and of course making the appropriate weight, one hundred and seventy pounds. UFC 129 is going to be a night of epic proportion. […]

Otavio Peixotinho… Otavio de Oliveira also known as Peixotinho, was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and raised on the streets of Ipanema. Growing up, Otavio was bullied both at school and on the street due to his minute demeanour. For that reason he often asked his father to put him in a martial arts […]

Xande Ribeiro in Oklahoma… Two Time Absolute Jiu Jitsu World Champion and Four Time Heavy Weight Champion Xande Ribeiro is teaching classes at Lovato’s School of Martial Arts for the next two weeks. In addition to the multiple world titles, Xande has also earned two Abu Dhabi Combat Club or ADCC titles. Xande is the […]

Dan Henderson vs Feijao… Dan Henderson last night fought his way back Championship status last night. Dan Henderson is a former two-time Olympic competitor for the American Greco-Roman Wrestling Team; nineteen ninety two and nineteen ninety six. Collegiality, Dan Henderson wrestled for Cal State Fullerton and then leading to Arizona State University. Formerly Dan Henderson […]

Rickson Gracie… Back in the 90’s no body was a more dominant competitor in any sport than Rickson Gracie, besides perhaps Alexander Karelin. Try out a 30 day free trial to try and become world-class at Lovato’s School of Martial Arts. Rickson Gracie was the most dominant jiu jitsu artist ever, who is the son […]

Roger Gracie master of Escapes… Master of Escapes Roger Gracie is known for his dominating game of jiu jitsu. Roger Gracie is by far the most dominate jiu jitsu player in the game to have ever lived. ┬áMost people find it very difficult to defeat or let alone sweep him. Due to Roger Gracie s […]

Abu Dhabi World Pro Las Vegas… This past weekend the Abu Dhabi World Pro Las Vegas results. Lovato ju jitsu had several members go out and compete. Shiloh Roberts, Chris Aven, Jason Lee, Greg Lee, and Chase Lee. Also, Lovato ju jitsu affliates Ben Baxter and James Puopolo attended the Abu Dhabi World Pro Las […]