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Rory MacDonald UFC 133.. PHILADELPHIA — On a show built around some of the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s ( UFC ) most experienced competitors, Saturday’s standout performance belonged to a 22-year-old. Welterweight fighter Rory MacDonald’s technical knockout of Mike Pyle in less than four minutes Saturday at UFC 133 capped his third dominant performance in four […]

Thanks to MMA Junkie for the following article about Nick Diaz: his boxing match with Jeff Lacy and future fight with GSP. “At first glance, it appears boxing has won the battle for Nick Diaz’s heart. A press release issued today announced that the Strikeforce welterweight champion has signed to fight former IBF champion Jeff […]

Jason Mayhem Miller leaves Strikeforce, now in the UFC… One of the kookiest personalities in the MMA World, Jason Mayhem Miller has left his old home of Strikeforce and is now a part of the UFC as of a day ago. It has been years since we have seem Mayhem in the UFC when he […]

UFC 129 Primetime… Georges St. Pierre and Jake Shields are gearing up for the fight this Saturday as their preparations and training camps are coming to close. Focusing on maintaining positive thoughts and of course making the appropriate weight, one hundred and seventy pounds. UFC 129 is going to be a night of epic proportion. […]

Jake Shields looking to beat GSP and become new UFC welterweight champion… Jake Shields is a newcomer to the UFC but most certainly now a newcomer to the mixed martial arts game, fighting out of Lodi, CA, Jake Shields has one of the best MMA teams that there is in the sport under Ceasar Gracie. […]

Training to be like GSP… If you are a fan of MMA then you undoubtedly know who GSP or “Georges St. Pierre” is. GSP has been one of the most dominant mixed martial arts fighters to have ever been in the game. Gsp hasnt so much as lost a round in his last 7 apperances in […]

BJ Penn vs Jon Fitch UFC 127… During the recent UFC over the weekend BJ Penn fought a war with Jon Fitch. Jon Fitch is thought to be the only fighter at the welter-weight division, in the UFC who is said to be capable of being able to defeat the rest of the competition. In […]

The UFC‘s MMA welterweight champion Georges “Rush” St. Pierre trained in the UK with 3-time Absolute World Champion Roger Gracie. Not only did Georges “Rush” St. Pierre train with Roger Gracie but also ADCC 2009 Absolute World Champion Braulio Estima was in on the training session for MMA. Geroges “Rush” St. Pierre has competed with […]