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Pendulum swing  When on the apparatus we can develop angular momentum in a fashion similar to the “tripping effect.”  The major difference is that instead of a horizontal force initiating movement, a vertical force is responsible.  That vertical force is gravity.  It acts the same on all bodies regardless of size or weight.  By virtue […]

Motion and Jiu Jitsu… Looking at the correlation of motion and jiu jitsu by examining the PRINCIPLES RELATED TO THE LAW OF INERTIA Combining translatory and rotary motion The combined motions, if performed correctly with proper timing and sequence, will produce maximum final velocity of ‘an object’ in the desired direction of release (e.g., discus […]

Newton ‘s Laws and Jiu Jitsu NEWTONIAN LAWS according to 1)Law of Inertia Newton ‘s 1st Law states that an object continues in a state of rest or of uniform motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an external force. Inertia is Latin for idleness or laziness. The Law of Inertia can […]