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Johnson vs Torres Judge Decision To judge a fight is a thankless task. Get it right and no one pays a blind bit of notice, but get it wrong and all sorts of people will be calling for your head. On first watch of the Miguel Torres vs Demetrious Johnson fight I had scored the […]

Rafael Lovato Jr officially invited to the 2011 ADCC… Rafael Lovato Jr, head coach at Lovato’s School of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA has officially been invited to compete in the Worlds most prestigious submission grappling event, the ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championships! This will mark Rafael’s 3rd time to compete at the ADCC Submission […]

Ryan Hall defeats Diego Sanchez at UFC expo… Ryan Halls, ADCC veteran defeated UFC fighter Diego Sanchez in a no gi submission grappling match at the UFC expo for UFC 129 held by Grapplers Quest. It was a 4 man four-man tournament, Hall submitted Jorge Britto. Sanchez scored a submission victory over Andrew McInnes while […]

Zebra Mats Tournament Results Zebra Mats Tournament On Saturday, April 16th, 2011 the Zebra Tournament Series held its first Gi and No Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament of the Series.  The tournament was held at “The Cube” in Oklahoma City, Ok.  Many competitors came from surrounding states to try to take home the title of […]

Rafael Lovato Jr Wins Abu Dhabi Pro Jiu Jitsu Championships No Gi (nogi)… Rafael Lovato Jr Wins Abu Dhabi Pro Jiu Jitsu Championships No Gi (nogi)i and beat top notch competition in the 92- Kg division. Such as Rodolfo Viera, who overcame Rafael Mendes in the finals of the Absolute Division of the Abu Dhabi […]

Abu Dhabi World Pro Las Vegas… This past weekend the Abu Dhabi World Pro Las Vegas results. Lovato ju jitsu had several members go out and compete. Shiloh Roberts, Chris Aven, Jason Lee, Greg Lee, and Chase Lee. Also, Lovato ju jitsu affliates Ben Baxter and James Puopolo attended the Abu Dhabi World Pro Las […]

The UFC‘s MMA welterweight champion Georges “Rush” St. Pierre trained in the UK with 3-time Absolute World Champion Roger Gracie. Not only did Georges “Rush” St. Pierre train with Roger Gracie but also ADCC 2009 Absolute World Champion Braulio Estima was in on the training session for MMA. Geroges “Rush” St. Pierre has competed with […]

Ribeiro jiujitsu took the tournament over by storm falling 1 point short of 3rd place, in the No Gi Worlds results for teams. Overall, as a team Ribeiro jiu jitsu had over 9 medals won at No Gi worlds 2010. Here is the full list of No-Gi Worlds results