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2011 Abu Dhabi World Pro… This year at the 2011 Abu Dhabi World Pro gi division, there was many wars and many unexpected outcomes as to who the champions would be. Especially concerning the -65 kilo division. Well for the home town Oklahoma hero Rafael Lovato Jr. received a bogus defeat over Nova Uniao representative […]

To get to any belt color other than white, is a process of dedication to the art of ju jitsu. It seems the more dedication to practice that a person has the better they are at ju jitsu in Oklahoma. Rafael Lovato Jr. started his dedicating his life to ju jitsu around the age of […]

Omoplata App: Best App money can Buy Rafael Lovato Jr. , whose omoplata is feared amongst his competitors. Jr. is releasing his Omoplata App available for nearly all “smart” phones! Having a passion for martial arts, Lovato decided to share his knowledge, with the world, on this specific technique. Some might be thinking okay the […]

BJ Penn became the first American to win the World Championships as a black belt in 2000. BJ Penn a multiple-time UFC champion made history back in the day by defeating not only Edson Diniz but as well as Fredson Alves. There has only been one other American to match the miraculous feat that can […]

Abu Dhabi World Pro Poland Rafael Lovato Jr  represented Oklahoma Jui Jitsu. Becoming the Absolute champion defeating Bernado Faria on the way; his school is offering a 30 day free trial! At the Abu Dhabi World Pro Poland Rafael Lovat Jr competed in the event, which took place February 12, representing Oklahoma Jui Jitsu; 30 […]

The European Open 2011 was this past weekend. Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu put on a good showing bringing back medals in at all belts. From Oklahoma Rafael Lovato Jr. and Justin Rader represented Ribeiro Jiu jitsu. At the European Open 2011 introduced a new black belt champion who is a member of the great Atos team, […]

Injuries can plague a person throughout their career. For example, Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford has missed more than half of his games in the NFL so far in his career. Although, for whatever reason injuries happen one way or another, and to avoid more serious injuries a true sign of an athlete is to […]