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Football season soon – MMA training in Oklahoma City . . . The season for football is almost here, preseason training is over and regular season games are about here. Many football players, like DeMarco Murray, train MMA in the offseason. There are fighters in the UFC and other organizations that used to play football. You […]

MMA training in Oklahoma City . . . Last month, Lovato’s School of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA finished the expansion, adding three more matted areas to the building. From this gain in mat space, the school had to adopt a new schedule, to make use of the mats at all times. The schedule offers […]

Rafael Mendes Interview.. The current champion of the ADCC under-66kg division and owner of the world featherweight title in Jiu-Jitsu, Rafael Mendes doesn’t want to hear about anyone usurping his throne. To this end, the Ramon Lemos-produced fighter has been hard at it in training, left his gi in the closet, and been pumping iron […]

Drilling: Fredson Paixao.. Saying that Fredson Paixao is dedicated would be a tragic understatement. Winning the BJJ World Championships 4 times (an amazing 3 at Black Belt), winning the Brazilian National Championships a total of 9 times, Fredson has secured his place as one of the legends of the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – […]

Wrestling Endurance Training The whistle has blown marking the end of the first period of your match. Your heart is racing and you can hardly breathe. You have been running 2 miles everyday just like your coach and dad told you to. So why are you tired after only 2 minutes? Running long distance conditioning […]

Wrestling Training When the whistle blows and the match begins it’s too late to wonder if you’re cardiovascular training is going to carry you through to the end. Wrestling is a high intensity sport. Thus, conditioning for wrestling calls for high intensity training. In addition, wrestling not only requires high intensity power output but an […]

Keeping a Martial Arts Journal So, unlike in school, these are notes you are wanting to take.  These notes are for the betterment of your martial arts career and you are going to rely only on your sense of memory?  When attending any martial arts class: brazilian jiu jitsu, submission grappling, mixed martial arts, boxing […]

Mindset while Training… The mindset a person has can greatly determine the impact a tap or a rolling session might have on a person. For many getting tapped out while rolling is a major disappointment and represents weakness in your jiu jitsu. While one might think “I suck” or “f&@k this” or any variety of […]

Jon Jones fights for the title at UFC 128… At the young age of 23 Jon Jones is fighting for the title of the UFC light heavyweight division this upcoming saturday. In what promises, to the fans of the sport and of good fights, to be a fight that will be talked about for years […]

Marcelo Garcia training… Marcelo Garcia has to be without a doubt one of my top 3 favorite grapplers of all time. I am built fairly similar to Marcelo Garcia so I utilize alot of the same things he does and when you base yourself off of someone else its easy for them to become one […]